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    Just ordered a 750 refurb for new ATT plan, and still have my 700w on Verizon. Didn't port the number yet... I want to first make sure the 750 is set up just how I like it. I don't use any extra software. I only use the following features:

    1. bluetooth sync of my Outlook calendar and contacts (not email) to my desktop
    2. 3 pop email accounts (I just get email on demand, don't need it very often on my phone, so I don't sync it)

    Other than manually setting up my new phone, is there any easy way to port the settings directly (or via the computer)? I hope this isn't a dumb question. It's just that I remember it taking me a LONG time to get it right on the 700w with much trial/error/frustration. Bluetooth was especially a pain, and getting the pop account for a hosted exchange server setup correctly Any tips/tricks would also be appreciated.

    Also, am I better off waiting and doing the HOPEFUL WM6 upgrade first before setting the phone up? There really isn't any major hurry - I'm moving to ATT on a family plan - we're already paying for ATT family minutes and my Verizon plan will be down to bare bones. The only redundancy is double PDA charges, but I can handle that for a month or so.

    Thanks in advance from a non-techie,


    P.S., I am vowing this time to try out a few of the "must have" extras you all talk about! My phone is pretty plain-vanilla compared what I'm reading about.
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    Do the WM6 upgrade - get the generic ROM image and flash it. The hell with waiting for ATT to get their heads out of their ***.

    Don't bother with the backup, just make sure you know your passwords so you can resetup your e-mail accounts quickly. There is nothing tough here.

    Bluetooth works better on WM6. It's quirky for first time users, but once you get the hang of it, it works great.

    Now for THE must have app - Go to and sign up. Say good bye to ATT Voicemail, and hello to having your voicemail TRANSCRIBED AND SENT TO YOUR PHONE LIKE E-MAIL with the option to listen, and the ability to scroll through and decide what voice mail to look at, read, listen to, or ignore. This has iPhone visual voicemail beat hands down!
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    Quote Originally Posted by treoconvert View Post
    Do the WM6 upgrade - get the generic ROM image and flash it.
    I suspected I'd be better off doing the upgrade first. Now where do I find this generic ROM image, and how do I "flash it"?

    Don't give up on me, I'm not as much of an ***** as I sound. If you point me to a download and a manual, I can probably figure it out.

    Thanks for the tips!

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    Here are the complete instructions - with the download link.

    Be sure you follow the instructions exactly. When updating, you run the updater from your PC. When the first screen pops up (and before you do anything else) you need to go out and edit the payload.xml file the way the instructions tell you to.

    If your Treo is branded "Cingular" (the physical marking on the phone) you use CNG in the carrier text field, if it is ATT, you use ATT. The generic download comes with RWE as the default. The other changes deal with version numbers that get updated in the registry.

    You must have your phone hard connected to your PC, and have ActiveSync 4.5 running and working to do the upgrade. The ActiveSync that ships with the phone is 4.2, so you may need to upgrade that before you upgrade the Treo.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks VERY MUCH, I'll let you know how it goes - phone should be here in a couple of days,

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    My recommendation is to install spb shell, setup your email and bluetooth and do not mess with the settings for a couple of days. Alot of what you need is already set and available on the 750.

    As soon as WM6 is available install it unless you get aggressive and install the unofficial WM6 upgrade.

    Trial use of software is you friend, I figure that I purchase 10-20% of all trial software I try out.

    My Top List

    The Best "In My Opinion"
    Agenda One (Great PIM)
    SPB Mobile Shell (Better interface)

    The Free
    Google Maps (Free)
    vTap (Free - great webclip and wikipedia program)

    WM5Storage (free program that allows you to use the treo with storage card like a usb memory stick)

    The Specific
    Resco File Explorer (Great File Manager)
    IM+ ver 2.1 (instant messenger has the one handed - stylus not needed interface of a smartphone on a pro device, many of their versions require the dreaded stylus)
    Mocha VNC (Small footprint remote connection to computer, most people do not need this)

    Just my 2 cents.

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    I have a little bit of a different perspective than Grey - I tried SPB Shell, but like everything else that changes the interface, I noticed some lag when it was running - of course I do a lot of things with my phone.

    I'm an IT consultant and a professional musician, and I also publish a college sports magazine - which gives me reasons to have lots of stuff on the phone, so it needs to respond fast when I want something.

    The camera on the 750 as you will no doubt read everywhere is mediocre at best, but it is handy for those quick photos that you need to get once in a while. The burst mode on the camera is helpful for my sports publishing role. If you are planning on shooting lots of photos or video, you MUST get a memory expansion card. I just picked up a Sandisk 2GB card for 14.95 (Be sure you get the miniSD size, although you can get a microSD with the appropriate adaptor. I've heard from some people who use 4GB and even 6GB cards with WM6, but WM5 can only handle up to 2GB. I'll probably try a bigger card after the first of the year.

    That being said, there are a LOT of things you can do with a 750 (or any WM device. Here is a non inclusive list of some of the things I do with mine, and the software I use to do them.

    1. GPS

    Requires an external bluetooth gps receiver. I am currently using a GlobalSat BT328. This is an inexpensive device that uses the excellent SiRF GSC2 chipset. If you need voice assisted navigation, you'll need to buy software for it, there are plenty of options available, or you can try Nav4All which is a "free" solution. If you just need to see where you are, or do general GPS functions, or you do geocaching as a hobby, there are several free or inexpensive "GPS Utility" packages available for Windows Mobile.

    2. Music

    Being a musician, it's a big deal for me to be able to take my music with me. The windows media player included in WM is - well, it's windows media player, so you know it's bad, but there are LOTS of good alternatives out there. Media players are personal preference so I'm not going to make recommendations. For me, I like to discover new things, so a streaming capable player that lets me listen to internet radio is more important to me than a MP3 player. Windows Media is fine for this, but does not allow you to edit your playlists on the device. PlaylistMgr by solves this issue nicely. I also use K-Metronome and Tune!It for tempo and tuning with my jazz group. It's nice not to have to carry those other two devices around any more.

    3. Communications

    If you do a lot of instant messaging with Yahoo, AIM, etc, Gray is right, IM+ can't be beat - it's best of breed for WM. If you are not a power user though, you might check out Palringo. It's a free alternative, but like most freebies it doesn't have as many bells and whistles.

    Another program I like is Audacity - a program that lets me use the phone as a digital voice recorder. This eliminates yet another separate device that I used to need to carry when doing interviews and such for my magazine.

    4. Business

    Two programs make life much easier with working with my clients. Remote Desktop (which is included in WM) is essential. Pocket PuTTY (a terminal emulator) is a godsend when working with my clients that have unix or linux servers, it allows a direct terminal window connection from the Treo.

    Something else that you may want to have - particularly since it is free - is Avvenu. This lets you access and transfer files to and from your home PC from your WM device over the internet from anywhere.

    5. Other indispensibles

    Windows Live - This is extremely well done for mobile phones

    Google Maps - Ditto. The map functionality is included in Windows Live, but sometimes you just want maps.

    I already mentioned Simulscribe. I hate listening to voicemail and navigating through it - such a waste of time. Simulscribe is the best alternative I've found so far, and that is inclusive of iPhone style visual voicemail. The automatic transcription is a cost added option, the basic package is free.

    Finally, Get Opera Mobile as your browser of choice. The included pared down version of IE is really pared down. Opera Mobile has tabs, and allows you to navigate iPhone style through web pages by dragging them around with your fingers.

    If nothing else, I hope this gives you an idea of some of the things you can do with this type of device. Good luck!

    Forgot to mention, a couple of places to get started looking for applications. - lots of free applications, some good, some not so good. - mostly commercial and shareware stuff, most of it's pretty good.

    Be sure to make sure that anything you get is

    1. Windows mobile compatible (the 750 runs Professional, not Smartphone edition)
    2. Compatible with the Treo's 240x240 square screen resolution.
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