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    Hello I have a very perplexing situation on my hand. I have a 4GB SD card by transcend. Recently, don't ask me what happened but everything disappered (music, pics, programs) besides a few items (some cabs I had saved, my microsoft documents). The ironic thing is that with all of these items gone my memory on my SD card did not return. When I tried to re-install some programs I would get a prompt saying that it would overwrite the current program. Remember nothing was showing up. I tried this with my music but I didn't get the same prompt. I just want my memory back. I am lost and I have no idea of what to do. Please help me with any thoughts and ideas you may have. Thank you.
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    Are you able to see and/or access the 'missing' files on a PC?
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    I had the same thing happen to me. Some how the partition on your card was messed up. You can use a program like Data Doctor to find and restore the files. This program will allow you to see the files, but to restore them you will have to pay their fee of $69. If anyone knows another program that will let you do this for free please post.
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    I use a program called "GetDataBack"

    It was 99.99, but well worth the price...I am a photo guy, and my main hard drive crashed, and i needed those pictures.....GetDataBack worked wonders!

    I would offer you my assitance in getting your information, but I doubt you would want to send me your SD card.

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