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    So I went to my Start menu on my 700WX today it looked a little funny, some of the app's were missing I proceeded to go into my mail. Then it just froze. It sat like that for about an hour then I soft booted it. And then it just stuck on the Treo start screen the start one, that the grey bar goes accross when booting up. Well this grey bar doesn't go accross, doesnt even start. So the battery is now dead, and the only way to get it to sit at the Treo start up screan is to have it pulged in. The green led light doesnt flash or turn red when pluged in? Does anyone have any suggestions I need this phone, doesnt matter if I loose everything I just need it to work for Monday? Any input would be more than helpful.

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    Mine did this back in August. Took it into the Sprint store and they replaced it with a new one on the spot. I've never heard of one being resurrected from this state; only replacements.
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    Mine has done this 4 times now since getting it back in October and has been replaced once so far. Will get replaced again on Monday or I'll switch carriers.

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