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    I got my 700wx back in April. I have always had problems getting it to sync. The first time, the store just gave me a new phone, that didnít do anything. Then out of the blue I got it to sync but even then it would not work all the time. Then the phone fell in a pool and I got a new one under the insurance I took out.

    This phone would not sync either. I called Verizon support who sent me to Palm support. I uninstalled their software and reinstalled it. Iíve done everything but reinstall outlook. Iím very reluctant to do that because I donít want to take the chance of losing all my info on my computer.

    When I connect it, the computer recognizes it, says connected but I get the msg:

    ActiveSync encountered a problem on the desktop.
    Support Code: 85010014

    Iíve really about had it with this phone, is there anything you can suggest that might help to get this thing to work?
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    do a search for "85010014"

    there is tons of threads on it.
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    Thanks. I also did an internet search and I was surprised at how many entries I found. I guess this is a pretty well known problem.

    I did everything I could find with no success. Then I decided to run the repair on outlook and that did clear it up. Now I hope it stays that way.

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