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    ...from a 680. now, I use a LOT of third party apps, especially for the phone, such as a call blocker to prevent calls from blocked numbers, Butler for the nagging alerts of SMS and VM, schedulecare to make the phone silent when I am at work, etc. Are there any really good apps like that for the 750? Recommendations?

    Also, does the voice dialing work through the BT headset on the 750? I have had WM phones before (TyTn) and it worked,so I am hoping!

    Moving to WM scares the hell out of me...

    Thanks in advance to everyone for any help you may offer! Happy Holidays!
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    check pocketmax's phone alarm..tons of options...
    voice dialing works...def with wm6 if not wm5
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    I really like SBSH Phoneweaver for profiles. So you could have the phone to silent or vibrate while you are at work.
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    I went from Palm to WM5 - would never go back.

    I looked for and tried all sorts of replacements for my Palm programs.

    Essential: Any program that allows you to really close programs (and memory) instead of default switching that WM5 does now. I have tried most all, really liked and stuck with Spb Pocket Plus. Provides easy tabbed way to see all key programs quickly.

    Also use:

    PIEPlus (add on to Pocket IE) - great functionality for the web;
    Agenda One (used to use Agendus on Palm) - great quick access to calendar, contacts, more;
    BugMe! Note taker and alarms;
    MemMaid - memory/registry cleaner;
    Rescoe file manager (there are free ones);
    Windows Live Mobile (free)
    Google Maps Mobile (free)

    Good luck. I also moved up to WM6 which is great. Would not go back to Palm. I can truly multitask with WM which you cannot do with Palm.
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