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    Is anyone successfully using Flexmail 2007 with the 700wx? I had a 45% off discount code for Webis, so I thought I'd pick it up, but man, is it ever a waste of money. It absolutely bogs the system down, and I can't get it to send mail through my Yahoo account w/POP access, which apparently (now I find out) is a documented bug on the Webis forums.

    So does anyone use this app with any success, and if so, what are you doing as far as settings? I've already uninstalled it and gone back to Pocket Outlook. It simply works, and it's not completely slow and annoying. But I did like some of the things that I saw in the program. Unfortunately, I've gotten used to actually USING my Treo as opposed to thinking about how great it would be if it worked correctly.

    I saw that people around here weren't exactly fans of it, and I went ahead and bought it anyway, like a stubborn *****.
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    I have the same problem. For a while Flexmail was great, but I upgraded to a newer version about a month ago, and it's been a disaster ever since. It seems to get worse when leave it running in the background and come back to it later -- I have my mail stored on an SD card, so maybe that has something to do with it. But I get so much mail that local storage is just not an option.
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    I keep hoping FM gets better, but it sounds like it hasn't and won't (I had asked the developers to consider a "lite" version a long time ago)

    Putting emails on the SD card is a sure way to slow down the system, so that is something to avoid if possible.

    I suppose also UPXing the main .exe and .dll files could help in speed of the program, hopefully without any artifacts.

    Running Teksoft's Speedbooster and focusing the CPU priority for that program will also help in performance, though with running it in the background I'm not sure what will happen with the battery.

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    And frankly, if I have to do all that just to get it in a usable state... it's off my Treo.

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