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    When I set a reminder or alarm it goes off when it should but I dont get a on-screen notification so I can dismiss it. It keeps flashing the led and sometimes the notification sound will just keep going off and i have no way to turn it off. I tried soft reset and everything comes back on with the same problem. My alarm went off last night (15 ours ago) and the led is still flashing. The sound stopped because i unchecked "repeat sound".
    Also, I have no 3rd party apps or any hacks on my phone. Just a couple themes and songs and a video. Anyone know why im not getting a screen popping up so i can dismiss the reminder? Thanks-
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    Select Settings off of the Start menu.
    Click on Sounds & Notifications.
    Click on the Notifications tab.
    Select Reminders from the Event drop-down list.
    Verify that the Display messages on screen checkbox is checked.

    You can modify settings here and on the Sounds tab to get the desired effects you want.

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    Had this problem too. Run SK Tools Lite, or upgrade to WM6 to fix.

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