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    I know someone over at ppcgeeks that has a 700wx Hard SPL unlocker they are currently testing. Companies generally lock their phones down so you can't load a custom/unsigned ROM on them. This type of unlocker allows you to load any custom ROM by overwriting the boot loader with its own. You also don't have to worry about bricking your phone once the unlocker is installed as you can always reflash with a stock ROM if you like.

    This opens the door to putting custom ROMs (i.e. WM6) on the 700wx. He is also planning on creating a WM6 ROM once he gets the unlocker testing done (no promises).

    NOTE: Please don't PM me requests requests for a WM6 ROM or the unlocker. Once I have solid data, I will post it here.

    I am just curious as to how many 700wx users are out there still to see if this is worth his time.

    12/4/07 - No updates yet. The holidays tend to slow things down.
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    Well if the poll results up to this point are any indication, I'd say it'd be worth doing...
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    Not interested anymore. Been a Windows user for years and am finally giving it up. I won't say where I'm going....
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    I don't care. It's my belief that hardware releases (with whatever the new OS is at that time) are frequent enough for me. No need to be worried about "upgrading" the OS. Specifically, with WM6, I only see a few minor advantages over WM5 anyway. Before anyone dismisses me as being ignorant in the realm of OSs and phones, I'm a MS partner and I own my own IT consulting business. I do realize the significance a new OS can have. WM6 isn't it, for me. Especially since the new round of Treos is probably just on the horizon (within the year anyway). Why bother... just my view.

    Prolly an unpopular view... but...

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    Im down for this!
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    Its a good thing this is a poll, and not just people posting, else you would have thought no-one was interested. The 700wx forum is the most viewed forum of treocentral, only second to the 650. There are 135 people reading the forum now, versus only 69 for the 700p or 38 for the 755p.

    WM6 adds quite a few things which would make a 700wx easier to use, e.g. smart filtering. I am sure when this software is released the thread will be the busiest on Treocental, like the 750 wm6 upgrade thread was.

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    I still have my 700Wx, but primarily use my WM6 Mogul. I'd LOVE to have WM6 on my Treo, too. Not a huge difference, but the little updates are really nice.
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    I'ld be happy even with a custom WM5. I'ld have to see how much performance on the 700wx is impacted by the additional blot of WM6. I think from the factory the 700wx was a little slow with WM5. With cach size increases and overclocking it's not too bad. I would think that 6 would slow it to the point where I would be annoyed again.

    I'ld love to try it if it was reversible.
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    I'm game! if you need a tester etc hit me up! Tested & tried many roms on my 6700. Have WM6 on it now and its cool. Just dont have it activated anymore but its still cool to play with etc. I'd be willing to test thing out on my treo 700wx for sure.
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    Yes, please please please. I am really happy hardware wise with my 700wx but would like some of the remote exchange search functions of WM6, html email and support for larger SDHC cards if that is enabled.
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    I'm sort of with Frankxs on this one.

    Sure, if it works and is solid then why not? But I'm not really interested in going out of my way for for a couple of reasons:

    • Having used WM6, it's nice but not an amazing upgrade
    • I'd rather wait for the 800w
    • I'm not confident the integration will be solid, but I'll happy to be wrong on that

    Either way it can't hurt to develop this and I'm pretty positive many will jump on it if it successful. I'm just not as excited about it so late in the game

    (PS I still find it odd that some Mogul users have downgraded to WM5...what's up with that? lol)

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    I've had my 700wx for well over a year now, since September '06. That's the longest I've had a PDA phone ever. I've only had one phone longer than that, and it was a bit of an anomaly. That being said, I can't wait to upgrade my hardware. I am always hoping that I can wake up and see that Sprint is getting the 800 soon. But given that it's nebulous right now at best, and I need something to satisfy my itch to mess with my phone, I'd love to see WM6 on here, provided it's not a total dog.

    I realize that it's not groundbreaking, but I just need a little something to tide me over 'til the next iteration of Treo lands.
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    Palm made many "tweaks" to WM5 for the Treo 700w/wx to increase efficiency and one-handed operation. If someone were to hack the phone to add a native WM6 OS, we would most likely lose all those added benefits. Unless of course it came from a WM6 750.
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    Good point, Lawmen23. But if it was a 750 ROM, it'd be pretty sweet...
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    I would be interested in this if:

    - Its not much slower than WM5
    - Its possibly a CDMA ROM from the 750 (to include Palm's hacks)

    I don't really have any need for it, but it would be nice to have the most recent things.
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    i would like to have this!
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    this would be great! :3
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    It's good to hear there is interest in this. At the very least, it would open the door to custom ROMs even if that means customizing the stock Palm one.

    I've shown this thread to the person working on the unlocker. He doesn't actually have a 700wx himself, but he wants to contribute to the 700wx community. He believes he can do this without a 700wx, but is trying to solicit/borrow one from a certain individual over at ppcgeeks so he can do a more thorough job. Thanks for the votes and feedback all. Feel free to give more.
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    id like to see others do it and then if it works, id give it a whirl...
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    Quote Originally Posted by spacebar+ View Post
    id like to see others do it and then if it works, id give it a whirl...
    going to safe route? I hear you there

    ^^;; if some how I can get another smart phone I would be more than happy to test this out.

    ^^;; barely affording my phone bill lately let alone another phone in case this causes some horrible problems... eep
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