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    I have a sprint 700wx ver 1.5 and a sony ux180p. I'm trying to
    connect over bluetooth dun with v1.80 but am having
    problems. I can connect no problem. Also I can browse simple web
    pages for over 30mins with no problem and over 1meg total
    datatransfer. However, if I start download of a large file or browse
    "too quickly", the connection will freeze within seconds. For
    example, I went to download a 19meg file and it froze after about
    200kb (1-2mins). I tried this 5 times and it did it 5 times. My
    phone and laptop are not frozen and I can disconnect the dialup
    connection and reconnect and it starts to work again but will freeze
    the data transfer if I move large files. I thought it was a timing
    issue per the junefabrics faq and disabled activesync updates, etc but nothing
    helped. Furthermore, I can stay connected if I just browse webpages
    that don't transfer more than 100k at a time or so. Anybody have any idea what's the problem and how to fix it?
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    Are you using PDAnet?

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