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    I have constantly had bluetooth issues with my Treo 700wx for Sprint, even after all of the updates. I've used the Plantronics 640, and 655, as well as I believe trying a motorola or 2. The blueooth will constantly drop and recconnect constantly throughout the day even during calls sometimes which is very annoying. I know many people have reported different problems, some fixed after the update but others not.

    I have read that the Jawbone is a great headset, great at blocking out any outside noise. I was wondering if anyone has had any luck with it and the Treo 700wx? Or is there one out there that no one has any problems with?

    I was thinking about trying to get a new phone since I use bluetooth a great deal, but I really love this phone, and if a headset change could fix my problems that would be great.

    Any help or suggestions would be great.


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    I went through 4 bluetooth devices before I found one that consistently works with the Treo 700wx. I now use the BlueAnt Z9. I did need to update the firmware on the device but it's been working fine since the upgrade.

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    Like many others, I have found the Jawbone to hold a connection to the WX better than most other headsets. While some people have extreme luck and get other headsets to work consistently, the Jawbone seems to be the only one that most people report as "Working well most of the time."

    My Jawbone DOES disconnect from time to time, but it easily links back up. It has NEVER dropped during a call, and the sound quality is excellent in both directions.

    Before you buy it, make sure the retailer has a return policy that will give you enough time to decide if you like the fit. It's an unusual headset and has many fit combinations with the included accessories.

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    I have the same prob with my Jabra BT160 until I did the 1.15 upgrade from Treo. after that i never have bluetooth devices drop off.
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    I am using the moto hs820 with no problem..still with the 1.13 rom
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