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    Hey Guys & Gals,

    In July I upgraded from a samsung 300 to a 755p with the $30 Sprint SERO service plan. On top of that I've purchased two Kingston 4 GB miniSDHC cards.

    At the time of my upgrade I was under the impression that the software I wanted would be available for PalmOS, well the developer stop supporting the software at Palm OS 5.2 and the old software doesn't work well "newer" PalmOS 5.4.9 of my 755p.

    A similar package from another developer has been tested with the 750 but not the 700wx (which is still available at sprint), So rather than give up on using the software I would rather move to AT&T and buy a 750 (refub online for like $99) since a really like the form factor.

    1) Does AT&T offer a data plan comparable in service and price with the SERO plan from Sprint?

    2) Does the 750 support miniSDHC?

    3) While not trying to get into value judgements (I really do like the 755p as the screen is nice) if anyone has used either the 700wx, 755p or 750 what has been your experince in comparison to the others?
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    AT&T's data plans are not as cheap as Sprint's. I pay $49.99 for unlimited data.

    I have heard of people successfully using SDHC cards with WM6 (coming "soon" officially as an upgrade and supposedly shipping preinstalled now. "Leaked" versions have been out for months.)

    I changed from a 650 to a 750, and I like the 750 better. The lower screen resolution has not been an issue for me and I quickly made the adjustment to WM. I have been running WM6 for a while and I love the HSDPA speed (when I am in an area that has it) and the easy tethering.
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    I'm pretty sure the Unlimited Data is $39.99 but it is more than Sprint's data package.
    AT&T Treo 750 Locked official WM6 update
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    If you get the 750, you will need to upgrade to WM6 to get the benefits of SDHC cards. I'm currently using a 6 GB micro SDHC card in my treo 750 running the leaked WM6 ROM. The "official" ATT ROM should be released pretty soon so you can either wait on the official or download one of the leaked or official ROMs for the different carriers or the unbranded ROM.

    I pay $49.99 for the unlimited data and unlimited text/MMS messaging (to any mobile device, not just only on ATT network)
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    There are cheaper "media" plans with unlimited data, but AT&T says that those are not for PDAs. Many people successfully use those media plans with Treos, but they run the risk of being back-billed extra charges.
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    Quote Originally Posted by holmes4 View Post
    There are cheaper "media" plans with unlimited data, but AT&T says that those are not for PDAs. Many people successfully use those media plans with Treos, but they run the risk of being back-billed extra charges.
    I use an unlimited mediamax plan of 21.95 I think for my unlocked not listed on AT&T network as a pda gsm phone. Now I have several unlocked basic phones because I manage 16 lines. With this plan I popped my AT&T Blue (former AT&T prior to congilar) into my Treo 750v. With a little google help I have all the network settings and it works great. That was almost a year ago.

    Since then I have used the 3G hack for the Treo 750 and now get 3G speeds when I go into a 3G area, again on my old simple sim that ATT says will not work. Also I have the unofficial upgrade to WM6 T&T version, no problems.

    Now you may be stuck in a which do you need more. If you switch to AT&T and get the 99.00 subsidized price they will attach higher data strings. Or if you switch to AT&T get a basic free phone and unlimited media max. Buy a Treo750v (not Treo 750 cingular with an IMEI listed in their database) from ebay at a hefty price.

    So the choice and risks are yours but these are you options as I see them.

    The Treo 750 had been a great device for the QWERTY form and the "Ease of Use" I am also looking at the Moto Q Global and the Blackjack 2. The QWERTY form is more important to me than the touchscreen. The AT&T Q seems to be getting great reviews for a Motorola product.

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    Former AT&T Windows Mobile Connections Settiongs

    AT&T Sim & Treo 750

    Well it finnaly happened. I needed a replacement SIM card because all inbound calls went to voicemail. Outbound was ok.

    After turning down several reps who wanted me to upgrade to the new and great 3g cingular orange. I received my replacement blue and white AT&T sim card. After activation I can now make and receive calls.

    But, no text, no internet and no email, ARGGGG!

    After many hours on the phone with a very nice and knowledgeable tec I was told this is not a supported device and service could not be provided. So I pulled out my Nokia 6201 and said ok lets support this, this incase.

    Anyway lots of pain here are the steps and settings I used to get my internet and email.

    Settings > Connections > Connections > Manage Existing Connections

    This should take you to the MyIsp Modem Screen. There was a preloaded ATT connection that I think was created using the SIM card. I will not go into the number of settings I tried with this that did not work. In the end I found out I could delete this modem connection by pressing on the black dot.

    Next touch new for a new modem connection

    Name: ATT BLUE (your choice)
    Modem: Cellular Line (GPRS, 3G)

    Access Point: proxy (this begins setting that differ from my last SIM card)

    User Name: Null or Empty
    Password: Null or Empty
    Domain: Null or Empty

    Use Server-Assigned IP Address: Yes
    Use IP Header Compression: Yes
    All Others: No

    Use Server-Assigned Address: Yes

    Press & Hold the Modem connection screen and select connect.


    Settings > Connections > Connections > Manage Existing Connections

    EDIT/UPDATE 04/12/07

    Programs that automatically connect to the internet should connect using:
    My ISP

    Programs that automatically connect to a private network should connect using:
    My Work Network

    Edit > Proxy Settings

    This network connects to the internet: Yes
    This network uses a proxy server to connect to the internet: Yes

    Username, Password, Domain: Null or blank

    Server: localhost
    Port: 1080
    Type: Socks 4

    I hope this helps.

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    MMS on Former AT&T v2

    Blue Settings (Unlimited MMode on Treo 750)

    01. Tap Start.
    02. Tap Messaging.
    03. Tap Menu.
    04. Tap Options
    05. Select the Advanced Tab.
    06. Tap Manual.
    07. Tap Edit.
    08. Verify the following parameters:

    Message center number: +19703769301

    Email center number: 0000000000

    MMS gateway address: (WAP 1.2) or (WAP 2.0) " I used this one"

    MMS URL:

    Network profile: The Internet

    09. Hit OK
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    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for the responses but at the end of the day I couldn't justify the additional costs of the phone ($99 refurb) + AT&T monthly costs [450 min talk plan ($40) + unlimited data plan ($45)] all for the use of one software package, this equation just didn't add up.

    Although the Treo 755p will be my last Palm phone, I will be with Sprint for a while, because the SERO 500 min + unlimited data $30 plan is simply a great deal plus they have their hooks in because I'm only two months into a 2-year agreement.

    Also I don't know how true it is but the AT&T store rep told me that AT&T doesn't offer insurance on smart phones and refurbs only have a 90-day warrenty he said this as he was offering me a Tilt for $238 (no mail-in) out the door price but I didn't take the bait.
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    What you were told regarding insurance and warranty is true.

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