I have a Treo 750W running windows mobile 5.0 The user has opted to use Goodlink on his device. He also has windows Vista on his desktop PC ( i'll explain later) When Active synce is in the running applications, goodlink will not update the calendar. We have found that Windows Vista may be responsible for starting the activesync program on the device (while docked). I walked the user through how to remove Activesync from running programs, but it has recently been starting in the middle of the night when the device is not cradled or in use. Is there a way to completely disable active sync so that it will not restart? i found that if the exchange pushes any info the active sync may start. also when the device is reset - activesync starts up automatically. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as this is a high maintenance user and I have spent lots of time on this one device to keep him happy.