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    One of the best things about my Treo is that my call log goes back as far as I've owned the handheld.

    On my friends Treo 750 the call log goes back only to a certain date. Is there a program that can log the calls made from here on forth? or is there a reg change i can make so that all calls are logged?

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    I have found that my call log only goes back to my last hard reset as I do not backup only re-sync.

    So if you update with the un-official WM6 then your call log starts there.

    I am also more curious about this and would very much like to hear from anyone with more call log experience.

    I also use Agenda One by Developer One. This allows me to go to contacts in Agenda One and select call log. I can see all inbound and outbound calls to a contacts, but the really cool thing is I can email this log from Agenda One to myself or others.


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