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    I seem to keep finding only 3 options when I do a search for push-email options on WM5: use an Exchange server, use Flexmail with an IMAP Idle compliant server, or add the VGSMail plugin (also using IMAP Idle). I've been doing the Exchange thing (forwarding my account over to Mail2Web), but I've never been a fan of using a proxy server to send instead of my own SMTP server... So I'm looking into an IMAP Idle solution, but everything I've read seems to put little faith or hope in Flexmail... and the link for the VGS plugin goes to a new product called "Emansio."

    Has anyone tried this program? It sounds like a re-badged, updated version of the VGS plugin (the site even says, do not install over VGS). I've found a few posts by the company in various forums, but can't seem to find any feedback or anyone that's even tried the program. Anyone know of more information for me to help mull this over? I'd like to know a little more before I install some strange app on my Treo.

    Oh... and a bit of a sidenote: Has anyone else tried the SEVEN Beta with a Hosted Gmail account? I'm really just trying to find a good WM5 push solution to take advantage of Gmail's new IMAP Idle-friendly servers... But SEVEN only works for me for about a day before it stops receiving email. (Despite several tries at re-provisioning the account AND re-installing the program.)
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    I'm using the SEVEN beta for my GMail accounts using the "other IMAP" option and couldn't be happier. pushes in seconds to my treo everytime, sometimes minutes faster than my exchange mail!
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    I've tried several builds of the Seven beta with no luck. Just having it installed on my WX makes everything work slowly. I've run it off the SD card, off of internal memory... I just haven't had much success with it.

    I'm still hoping to find someone who has at least tried Emansio. Its a little scary to test out something that has no reviews to be found anywhere online.
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    Thanks for starting this thread. It looks like some users at XDA Developers have been giving Emansio a try. The results (Jan 2008) look a little iffy at this point, so I'll stick with either Outlook or Flexmail for now.

    I wonder how Flexmail 2008 will turn out? I think the beta is already available.
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    You can use emoze. I've used it for a long time and I love it. I would be using it now but I get such a crappy signal here in this baracks that the internet likes to drop on me. it makes a program that needs a constant connection pretty much useless.
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    Ditto with me, using emoze. But, unfortunally, there's no REPLY TO option. I need the feature. Someone can provide me, any other than emoze which has REPLY TO option ?


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