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    here is what i want to use not sure if this is right

    Run ( "\Windows\iexplore.exe" )
    SendDown ( activeWin )
    SendKeys ( "username" )
    SendDown ( activeWin )
    SendKeys ( "pass" )
    SendDown ( activeWin )
    SendSpace ( activewin )

    alright now i need the sendkeys to work
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    You would put it in a text file with a .mscr extension. Then, so long as MortScript is installed and it has been run once to register the .mscr extension, you should be able to run your file and it will automagically open MortScript to do as your script tells it to.
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    Send keys work but it doesnt type the full word, like too fast and just skip a letter
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    maybe send one key at a time with a sleep command between keys
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    You can also modify the delay between keypresses with
    SENDKEYDELAY=<timespan in milliseconds>
    (Undocumented feature... )

    I'm not quite lucky with that crappy key buffer, because on one system it unnecessarily slows down input while on the other it's still too fast. But I didn't find another working solution...
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    Gotta love the undocumented ones. Is there anything you didn't think of?
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    Lots. But if I knew what, I would have thought about it...
    (Well, and then there are those things I - or someone else - did think about, but I didn't implement so far... Time's a limited resource...)

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