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    I am thinking of getting a Bluetooth GPS receiver for my treo, and just when I was convinced SiRF III is best chipset, I read review of Qstarz BT-Q818, which uses MTK GPS Module chip, on couple of sites and all say its better performer than SiRF III, with 32 hours battery life. Now one site also said it didnt have quite accurate readings in skyscrapper forests like San Francisco, and this is quite important for me to have a good GPS guidance in dense cities as well as remote areas, esp because I live in San Francisco area.

    Has anybody used this GPS receiver?? Any personal reviews??

    Any other recommendations for bluetooth GPS receivers that would work good in cities rich in tall buildings and remote areas and good battery life??
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    I have used that GPS on my 750v in San Francisco with no greater difficulty than anywhere else. I used it to walk from the Apple Store to the modern art museum. Not a long walk but it did the job for me.
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    I have (or rather had) the Palm Smartphone Ed 3, with the Palm GPS BT receiver...worked well enough -don't know the specs ie SirtII/III or MTK or ??. But, it was in my vehicle which was recently stolen along with the windshield mount.

    Long story short I still have the software on the phone of course, so I was in the market for a new BT GPS...looked at the Q818, The Holux M1000 & slimline, and the OC Ed3. Wound up ordering the M1000 if for no other reason than it *may* (depending on which site you believe) come with auto and wall charger, vs auto charger only for the 818.

    Reading the forums at lead me to believe they are all pretty similar in function...

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