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    I have a 700wx and have used both a Jawbone (traded-in - too bulky) and now using a z9 BT headset.
    I am unable to get voice activated dialing to work.
    Has anyone perfected what should be a "simple" process on their 700wx?
    I am on the Veriizon network for what it matters...
    Are there any BT headsets that allow voice activated dialing?
    THanks in advance...
    Voice dialing via BT is not possible. It's due to a hardware limitation of the phone.

    BTW~ voice dialing via BT works great,,,, on the Tilt.
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    I've also been checking this thread frequently since it started. It seems the Verizon customers are the ones with issues. I'm on Sprint and have owned a HTC 6700, two Moguls (6800) and two Treos. Out of all of them the Treo is a rock solid performer. Maybe its just Sprint but I have zero issues. Now the HTC is where the problems lie. The 6700 is just a toilet. The Mogul is an OK phone but WM6 robs so much memory the device is very buggy with it being slow and freezing. The battery life isn't all that great either. I'm replying from my Treo right now. All my replies on this forum have been on the Treo. Its been so good to me I barely use my laptop. Love the Treo. Can't wait for the 800wx.
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    >It seems the Verizon customers are the ones with issues.

    I'm on my 4th Treo, currently evaluating alternatives, and I have had Verizon the entire time. Two of my Treos were 700p, and last two have been 700wx. All four 'didn't ring' for approx. 10-20% of incoming calls in a 1xRTT area (Santa Barbara, CA) and rang somewhat more frequently but still occasionally 'went to voicemail' while in EVDO areas. Given the relatively large sample volume of Treo 700's I've had, I believe this is a systematic problem not specific to individual handsets.

    The problem might be due to Palm, Verizon, or perhaps a combination of both. I wonder, does this 'feature' (dropped calls) seem familiar to other Sprint of Verizon users? Perhaps we might be able to somehow narrow the issue here, which could be very useful.

    As an aside, I watched a major highway accident happen in front of me this weekend, and I had the pleasure of stopping and heading to the most damaged car first. I pulled open a door and tried to talk to the guy, flashlight in one hand and my Treo 700wx in the other. I called 911, and yep, after going into 'protected mode' or somesuch (I had never seen that before, it looked similar to a 'low battery' warning), the Treo 700wx froze, and I never heard anything from 911. I have been trying to decide between a Blackberry and a Treo, and finally decided to Ebay the Treo.
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