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    memmaid is a absolute great product, it is shame that we need it to keep our treos running should have a lot better built in memory utility. is there a free alternative to memmaid that does a good job?
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    No, but SKTools is pretty cheap - 10 bucks I think? Or something close to that...
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    SKTools Lite is something I have used in the past, it takes a little playing around with, but it does a good job, and the lite version is free:
    (go about 1/4 down the page)

    The full version is only about $13, but I used the free for a while with no problems!!!
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    Off the top of my head:

    pmClean from Pocketmax will clear temp, ie cache, history and duplicate notifications:

    Oxios hibernate is freeware that performs a Ram Reclaim:
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    It depends what you are looking for.

    I only used MemMaid to clear duplicate notifications. Pocketmax has a free program called PMClean that I use now for that.

    But if you are looking for the more advanced features then I can't help you

    EDIT: Man I type slow. G-funk beat me to it! It's a great program though, and I found that my duplicate notifications were practically eliminated when I deleted my Exchange Server. That topic alone is probably worth its own thread!
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    I forgot about pmClean, that is a good one as well, and as far as oxios goes, it does not take the place of a cleaning app, it is fantastic at what it does....closing all running apps and doing a quick reclaim. (plus...(if you place it as an icon on a Today screen icon app) who wouldn't want a goofy skull grinning at them (oxios close's icon) LOL )

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