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    I always like to surf or read a bit on my Treo before going to bed. However, in a totally dark room, the minimum setting of the Treo 750 is still too bright. On PalmOS, you could use EnergyDimmer for example to really put the screen at the dimmest possible setting the hardware would allow.

    Question: is there a similar program or hack for WM?
    - FoleoCentral
    Staying where we are.
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    There is none?
    - FoleoCentral
    Staying where we are.
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    here's a little trick I just came up with.
    Some time back I bought a roll of that window tint you can buy from Home Depot. I had some left over. so I cut a couple squares about screen size.
    It stays on great because of static.
    I keep them by my bed for night time reading.
    If one ain't enough, use 2.

    Just call me Berd.

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