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    I got the wx, when the phone goes into standby, sometimes I cannot pull it out when I hit the END key. The phone is on, the green light is still flashing, but the phone will not come to. I have to pull the battery out.

    As you can imagine this is becoming extremly frustrating as it happens at least once a day. The phone is not receiving calls or text messeges when this happens so I'm loosing calls and text messeges.

    Please help

    My phone has a password and is automatically keylocked.
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    What programs do you have installed. There are some programs like the Slide to Lock that make it so you have to press the End button 3 or 4 times before it will wake up.
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    still happening, anybody have any ideas.

    My 700 is loaded with SPB programs.

    The lock up seems to happen when I get an incoming text messege, because I ALWAYS have a text messege when I have to reset the phone.

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