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    Anyone else find problems connecting to yahoo imap over the last week?
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    yes apparently everyone out of luck! i guess our time has run out. it is on every forum.
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    I missed it. Are they offering imap in a pay for service, is it history or just a tech issue? Has yahoo said anything?

    I can't imagine having to go to Yahoo2Go.
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    it's working fine for me
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    Mine's not working on my 700p with Chatter. I keep getting a login failed message.
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    Here is the email I got when my imap service stopped working after months. The act like it never existed. I have vzw and had this set up for months w my yahoo plus. All my folders and could sync/delete directly from my phone but no more unless I become an iPhone user. Is anyone using (PD acct$20)Any other suggestions on email companies ? Any one using yahoo Go? I am not familar with it yet but don't know if I want to stay w yahoo after this move.

    I need my folder and need to be able to move and delete from phone due to volume of emails when I am on the road.
    HERE is the yahoo email:

    Hello Brian,

    Thanks for contacting Yahoo! Mobile.

    I understand that you previously had the incoming server set to Yahoo! does not offer an IMAP connections through

    our servers to any device other than Yahoo! Go or the Apple iPhone. We

    actually do a detection on the type of device connecting to our IMAP
    server and then reject any connection that is not identified as Yahoo!
    Go or the iPhone.

    Yahoo! Mail Plus gives you access to your Yahoo! Mail via POP, however,

    it does not include IMAP connections. Please setup your server info
    with the following information for access to your Yahoo! Mail via POP.

    Here are the basic server settings for Yahoo! Mail:

    * Incoming Mail (POP3) Server:

    * Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server:

    * Account Name/Login Name: Your Yahoo! Member ID

    * Email address: Your Yahoo! Mail address (e.g., "")

    * Password: Your Yahoo! Mail password

    Please note - when using Microsoft Outlook, replace the "@" in your
    address with "%".

    Please feel free to respond to this email should further questions
    regarding this issue arise. Thanks again for contacting Yahoo! Mobile.



    Yahoo! Mobile Customer Care
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    YahooGo is very slow and while it will work for email & folders, it's a real pia compared to using pocket outlook and imap. You can't select multiple items, etc.

    YahooGo also has severe contact syncing problems. I've had problems with it duplicating a contact for anyone that has more than one email address and it doesn't handle contacts that have more than one category well. Having a space rather than underscore in any categories also causes problems ex- holiday cards vs holiday_cards. YahooGo does have an option to not sync your web contacts to the phone. I'm using Yahoo Autosync to update my web addresses and calendar via the pc.

    The other option to YahooGo is to do it through Pocket Internet Explorer. That's actually a quicker, though not pretty solution. You can select, delete and move multiple emails at the same time which you can't do with YahooGo.
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    works for me now - mid afternoon on Friday on the East Coast. Happy times.
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    back to non-working mode now.

    Dang these Yahoo people! Messing us up!!
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    now working again on my wx. Guess I should be prepared for random working/nonworking moments.


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