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    I have a issue with the treo 700w/wx device and gapi.
    Apperently, their is some problem with the screen address and gapi.

    My applications work great on many squared devices and also on the treo 750v, but not on the 700w/wx and I don't have this device to test by myself.

    I received many message for my applications from 700w/wx users, they told me that the problem made a white screen and then a error message appeared.

    Here is a code to determine what address and how gapi work.
    I also attached a precompiled file to this message.

    if (r!=0)
    HDC hdc = GetDC(NULL);
    ExtEscape(hdc, GETRAWFRAMEBUFFER, 0, NULL,
    sizeof(RawFrameBufferInfo), (char *) &rfbi);
    ReleaseDC(NULL, hdc);


    if (!VDRAM) pBuffer = (void *)GXBeginDraw();
    else pBuffer = rfbi.pFramePointer;

    stream = _wfopen(TEXT("result.txt"), TEXT("w"));
    fprintf(stream,"Hardware Information \n");
    fprintf(stream,"==================== \n");
    fprintf(stream,"wFormat =%d\n",rfbi.wFormat);
    fprintf(stream,"wBPP =%d\n",rfbi.wBPP);
    fprintf(stream,"pFramePointer =%p\n",rfbi.pFramePointer);
    fprintf(stream,"cxStride =%d\n",rfbi.cxStride);
    fprintf(stream,"cyStride =%d\n",rfbi.cyStride);
    fprintf(stream,"cxPixels =%d\n",rfbi.cxPixels);
    fprintf(stream,"cyPixels =%d\n",rfbi.cyPixels);
    fprintf(stream,"VDRAM =%d\n",VDRAM);
    fprintf(stream,"GetSystemMetrics CX =%d\n",GetSystemMetrics(SM_CXSCREEN));
    fprintf(stream,"GetSystemMetrics CY =%d\n",GetSystemMetrics(SM_CYSCREEN));
    fclose( stream );

    I've got this result on the Treo 750v.
    Hardware Information
    wFormat =1
    wBPP =16
    pFramePointer =4C800000
    cxStride =2
    cyStride =480
    cxPixels =240
    cyPixels =240
    VDRAM =0
    GetSystemMetrics CX =240
    GetSystemMetrics CY =240

    I someone could try this code, maybe I could reach a small deduction and fix the damn 700w bug.
    Or if someone have the solution/information about the gapi 700w/wx screen issue, that would be more that usefull.

    I try to ask directly to some treo 700w/wx users with the test app but apparently I didn't make the right move, people are scared to try a windows mobile executable file.

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    I ran this, after making sure no damage could be done (phone off, not connected to PC, etc.).

    I get a "No Operator" error. I do not seem to get a text file generated at all.
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    Hello westronic,
    Sorry, I was mistaken file!
    I updated with the correct file(
    Thank you very much for your help!
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    Okay, here yo go:

    Hardware Information

    wFormat =1
    wBPP =16
    pFramePointer =BE201000
    cxStride =2
    cyStride =480
    cxPixels =240
    cyPixels =240
    CPUID =69054117
    WMMX =1
    VDRAM =1
    GetSystemMetrics CX =240
    GetSystemMetrics CY =240
    ForceRes =2
    VirtualPointer =60020

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    Thank you so much westronic

    compared with the treo 750, there is a small difference with the vdram.

    I let you know if I found something.
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    I think i found the problem !
    I pretty sure this should work.
    I have add a test application on the first post ( , Could you test it on your device to make sur all working great ?

    The test make a screen fillrate ( stoping after showed 1000 screens ) with a movable small white box to make sure if the touch screen coordonate are correct.

    Again, thank you for your help.

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