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    Greetings all. This is my first post on this forum. My company just provided me with a brand new Verizon Treo 700WX Smartphone using the Windows Mobile 5.x operating system. The problem: I have an Intel-based Mac computer (OSX 10.4.10). So obviously I cannot sync without third party software.

    I know that Mark/Space and Pocketmac make Mac-based sync software, but their respective websites don't list my Treo as a compatible device.

    I don't want to run Windows emulation software on my Mac -- takes too much space.

    I'm looking for suggestions.

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    "Missing Sync" has always gotten good reviews by the MAC users here. You should check it out
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    Missing Sync is the best. doe NOT work with Leopard yet. There is a (bad) beta out, however.

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