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    I mean other than the programs Settings allows? For example it would be nice to have Notes, File Folder or other programs on the desktop to reduce the number of clicks.

    I've searched the Treo User Guide and manual and can't find out how to do this or if this is possible. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Mike.
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    yes, through the use of 3rd party apps.

    SPB Pocket Plus, SBSH iLauncher, Resco Today Plugin (free with Resco File Explorer) are all options.
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    Thanks very much for the help. I'll look into these apps.

    Thanks, Mike.
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    I bought SPB Pocket Plus 4.0.1 and downloaded it onto my PC but when I sync it to my A T and T Treo 750 I get a message on the phone that says it cannot download as it doesn't have a digital certificate.

    Any hints on how to fix or get around this?

    Thanks, Mike.

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