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    Just wondering if there is a hack or a program that displays full-screen images when a call comes in - or at least a much bigger one than the tiny image that gets displayed by default...
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    photocontacts Pro or Inesoft AddressBook will do that.
    No hacks available though
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    Or you can use a couple apps over at XDA developers:

    2S2L : a cool slide to lock app (like iphones) that the developer A_C incorporated an answer screen that goes full screen into:

    To get caller ID pics to show clear, you need PocketCM...a really cool contact manager to assign the pics to the contacts:

    That is the developer's (Tene) site, it is a little more informative to install.

    I haven't used the full-screen caller ID myself, but if you wanted to look into them, they are both cool and free!!

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