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    Is there a way to have the 700wx remind you about overdue tasks until they are marked complete?

    This was a given on the Palm OS, and I cannot believe MS would make such an oversight.

    Let's say I have a week-long task due Wednesday. I set a reminder for Wednesday and it goes off. I don't get to the task. Now it's forever forgotten. The 700p would remind you of this task every day at the specified time until you marked it complete.
    Any ideas?
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    There is no oversight here; you have to make the correct selection when the reminder appears.

    If you select 'Dismiss' (left side), it treats the reminder as no longer needed.

    To keep the reminder for the task active, select 'Menu', then select when you want the reminder to 'go off'.

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    pocket informant also gives numerous options on the snooze and alarms
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    Thanks for the responses. I guess that snooze function would work.

    I think that's a horrible system, however. I have to snooze each item for a day?!?

    And if I accidentally hit dismiss because I was working on something else while this reminder came up, I have to track down the task and change the reminder?

    God forbid the reminder comes up, goes unnoticed, and I reset the device or change batteries.

    I guess, being used to the POS, I've come to expect that expired tasks are by default going to pop up again until they are complete.

    I'll try to get used to this system.
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