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    Is it possible to open other applications without the current one closing (that way I can maneuver back and forth between different programs)? Also, is there a way you can keep the application open when the screen powers off from idling. My problem is that every time I am using a program and want to open another one, that current application im using suddenly closes as the other one opens. Also, most programs I have close when the screen powers off. Is there an option on the phone that i can mess with to help my needs? I've searched throughout the entire settings section and couldn't find anything. Could it possibly just be the programs I am running? It's bugging the crap out of me...

    Thanks for any help that is given.
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    By default it should work the way you want it to work, and you can use the start menu to toggle between currently running programs, but if you have a 700w (not 700 wx) you may have too little memory to multi-task properly.

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    yes I have the 700w. hmm I guess that would make sense. I have about 5mb of program space so theres a possibilty that that might be the cause. thanks for the help...guess i'll have to go back and delete some programs. not like the 700w had much space to begin with in the first place.
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    Unfortunately its not the kind of memory you can get back by deleting programs (thats storage memory). The memory you need is like the RAM in your PC - the only way to manage it is by running as little as possible extraneous software. Also I think there is a registry hack which will lower the point at which background apps are closed form 5 MB to 2 MB, which is said to help a great deal. Maybe one of the regulars can chime in and tell you about it.

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    That would be here in the "700w-Fix for Lower memory limits thread":

    found it on the sticky

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