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    Can anyone help me with this please? I have never been able to highlight text using the 5 way button. The help documentation says you can highlight text by pressing and holding the left "shift" key and then pressing left, right, up or down on the 5 way. It just does not work for me. I sort of gave up on it a while ago and thought it may get addressed with the WM6 update, but I have done this and it still does not work.

    I can only get text to highlight if I use the stylus, which is a pain if you want to do things quickly.

    Is there something else I should be doing or does it just not work? Is it a known bug?


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    Palm has simply just left out this feature. They do discribe it in the handbook and the online help - but it won't work.

    Take a look at this tool

    It does just what ur asking for, without an overload of extra goodies.. I'm using it sice wm5 on the 750 and it works like a charme.

    It will let u highlight text with the 5way key and it offers a extended copy/paste menu, just give it a try, it's small an reliable.

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