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    I have never tried to stream audio to my 750V, but want to give it a go.

    (Sorry it this is a stupid and obvious question, but I'm going to ask it). When you stream audio, do Vodafone UK charge it as downloaded data?

    I believe the UK is different to the US in that we have to pay per Mb downloaded each month or have a set amount of free downloaded data as part of our pricing plan. (mine is 25Mb per month I think). I don't know what happens with audio streaming in this respect. Is it counted as data download and if so, is it going to be really expensive for me to do it? I'd like to know before I try cos I don't want to give it a go and then find in a months time that it has cost me a small fortune.

    BTW, if it isn't going to be expensive, recomendations as to which sites are worth checking out first would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance
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    They will definitely charge you, and streaming is probably prohibited by your terms of service. Thats why I am on T-Mobile UK. Unlimited data for 7.50 (fair use limit 1GB) or 12.50 for fair use limit of 3GB, with streaming expressly allowed.

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    Vodafone do 120Mb for 7.50 and although I was it was more I'm not using anywhere near as much so far.
    Otherwise you pay 1 for the first half Mb. Then the next 14.5Mb is free. After 15Mb it's 2 per Mg.
    If you are streaming from Vodafone Live services then you would only pay for the content and not the data.
    Treo Pro on Vodafone UK X 2

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