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    This has pleagued me since I started using an SD card. You know how WM can't find the icons of storage card programs after reset. I searched here before and posted asking about it and never got an answer.

    Well the other day while poking around PPCGEEKS it appears that there was a work around posted on a Japanese site that was cross posted to PPCGEEKS. The program supposedly just tries to delete a nonexsisting file from the Start Menu, this forces WM to refresh the menu and corrects the icons. It's only a 3K program. I run at every start up and it seems to work great. The only issue I have is that the first time you access the Start Menu it's a little slower to open. After that it opens at it's normal speed.

    If someone has a better solution or a Mortscript that fixes the problem, feel free to post.
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