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    I did a search & found this hasn’t been mentioned yet around these parts. I’m not a security expert by any means, & I’m not a high security clearance type government worker, so I probably have no need for this. Their remote lock however, does seem kind of cool. What does everyone else think?
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    That looks like an interesting solution. If you're not on Exchange, this is certainly a much more affordable way to add security. However, if you're on an Exchange server, built in Windows Remote Wipe does the same thing. (although I'm not sure if the feature is available from the 3rd party Exchange hosting firms out there?)

    I've used Remote Wipe (for the 3 700w's I had to return to VZW before I got the wx). It certainly does work. It takes more time for the device to come back up than a hard reset, so I'm assuming it's doing a more thorough job of wiping data than just a hard reset (I compared both, Remote Wipe took considerably longer). Possibly similar to Palm's Device Reset application?

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