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    I really dont need a GPS (I have one in the car & a mobile Garmin unit) however I am a gadget freak. So with that being said. What Sirf III GPS unit will work with the 700Wx?

    Will any unit work?

    Im looking at either this:

    Or this:

    They are the same price (50 bucks) and I have no idea what the difference is. Will one work better with the 700wx?

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    Pay a little extra and go with the Holux - super tiny, the battery life is AWEsome and it works <great> with my 700wx.
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    How many hours of battery life do you get with the Holux? The site says 8hrs. One of the previous mentions 12hrs. I'ld be willing to go a little larger for extra batterylife. But Holux does seem to have a good reputation on this site.
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    Does the Holux come with a Car charging cable (I cant quite figure that out)? Granted, I cant figure if it has any type of power cable.
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    Gets my vote this is super fast awsome battery life and has traveled all around the country.
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