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    I'm having ALOT of trouble where, for what ever reason, my Treo 700wx temporaraly "thinks" my memory card is not inserted, but then after a few seconds realised it really is there.

    This in itself has not presented a problem, HOWEVER, when this happens (often right after a phone call) Sprite Backup pops up assuming I am inserting an SD card for the purpose of backup. This is occuring at least a couple times a day requiring me to exit out of Sprite before I can do anything else. Any ideas how to make it stop?

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    in the 2577 folder on your storage card you can delete autorun.exe and that wont occur anymore . you will have to navigate to the folder to start sprite backup in the future though .

    also ... eliminating the autorun file probably wont solve the vanishing card issue ... just the autorun of sprite backup

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