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    Has anyone successfully paired the TREO wx to the Bluetooth product that Ford Lincoln Mercury came out with called SYNC? I am assuming it is just not compatible. Any help would be appreciated.
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    I would love to know how to get this going... I have a 700w... the bluetooth sync pairing works fine, but sync will not download the phonebook. Without the phonebook downloaded, it is pretty useless... It seems to only download the speed dials. I verified that this is a Treo issue -- a different handheld running mobile5 downloaded the phonebook fine, first try... I flashed the treo to v1.22 firmware, but that made no difference, even though the upgrade claims enhancements to bluetooth handsfree... Anyone able to help???

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    Someone in another group posted that "Jetware sync" provided a good workaround to this issue. It turns out that they are right. Install the jetware app directly from your handheld as the following instructions, pasted from the jetware page describe:

    The easiest way to install the JETware Hands-free Extension to your phone is to use Pocket IE on your phone to browse to and click on the appropriate link.

    Once installed, I was successful in downloading my phonebook to the ford sync system. But the operation of the Treo with the sync system was still very quirky -- calls would end prematurely very similarly to what is described here:

    But by checking the box "hang up/swap incomming call" under advanced options of the jetware mobile ap now on the handheld, I have had much more reliable results using the Treo with ford/microsoft sync...

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