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    My screen has been turning on constantly the last couple days, as in every 1-3 minutes. I did have my brightness down low, but it has been on a higher setting since yesterday, and at it's highest setting today, and there is no difference. What can I do? This thing won't even keep a charge overnight when it's not in use. Help! Thanks!
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    This is happening to mine as well. The two changes I've made lately are:

    1) Configuring my GMail account to use IMAP to check my mail every 5 minutes

    2) Updating to 4.0.1 of Spb Pocket Plus from 4.0

    I haven't yet had time to disable either of them to check. I will post once I have.
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    it is something in the background requiring data (maybe your email), anyways, whenever it checks for an email or an instant message or whatever it is, the screen will come on, it's a known fix for it.

    what programs do you have in the background that will request data often?

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