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    I set up Gmail's IMAP service yesterday, but I seem to be having an interesting problem. It will successfully go out and check my mail on schedule, I'll see the headers in the Inbox, but when I open the messages, they're blank. And they don't have the "Tap here to retrieve message on next sync" message, there's nothing at all in the message body. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, does anybody know how to get the phone to drop the data connection after the sync?
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    I don't have any problem with the Gmail settings on my Treo (WM6).

    Did you enable IMAP access on the Gmail settings page?
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    I am having this exact same problem with my Gmail and IMAP (and yes IMAP is enabled in my Gmail account). The headers come down, but nothing inside the messages. Every now and then a message will actually show, but most of the time nothing. Can't seem to figure it out.
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    folks have been reporting this issue all over the place, with the blank emails. I myself have experienced it as well. May have to drop imap on mobile because of it -- annoying!
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    Yes, the blank email problem is problem everyone is having in WM5/6. If it was working properly, I would consider getting rid of my mail2web account. However, I will still continue to use mail2web for delivery of email to the 750 (has been the best solution so far.)

    IMAP for google works great for outlook the desktop.
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    mine is fine, treo 750 w/wm6, do you have your settings to pull the entire email? and no limit on email size?
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    Quote Originally Posted by fventura03 View Post
    mine is fine, treo 750 w/wm6, do you have your settings to pull the entire email? and no limit on email size?
    Ok, I just tried to setup the IMAP on my WM6 Treo again with download the entire message selected and I'm still getting the same problem with some of the messages are blank. The other bug is that it doesn't handle meeting request emails either. I think the problem is it doesnt like the "rich text format" that some HTML and the meeting requests come accross as.

    Welp, back to mail2web until google gets IMAP worked out for WM devices.
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    Well, I guess I'll keep it around so I at least get the notifications of new email, then just use the mobile web page to view it. Just thought it'd be nice to use the app, as the mobile page isn't really all that great.
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    The problems I have with blank emails are the ones that are html-formatted. I've heard that this problem has been resolved in WM6.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cryptodevice View Post
    I've heard that this problem has been resolved in WM6.
    You've heard wrong, unfortunately...
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    This problem isn't isolated to only GMail IMAP, as pop-enabled GMail is experiencing the same sporadic issues. Don't know if that problem is being widely reported though.
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    My problem is being able to send. I can't send GMAIL IMAP mail from Outlook on my Treo 750.

    Anyone know the proper settings for the outgoing server??!!
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    if using att don't accept the default; instead change to the typical
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    rock on man. was teh correct setting. it wasn't put in originally. thanks!

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