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    One of the most appealing aspects of the Treo 700w for me is the ability to snychronize my Outlook contacts with the contacts folder on my PC.

    Now, I am running into a problem where updated records are duplicated on my Treo (and frequently the records are duplicated back on my PC)

    I can not seem to find a delete all contacts option in the Treo. I called Treo support and was told that the only way to delete all my contacts was to do a hard reset and lose all my other configuration information.

    I realize many other people must have this problem. How do you avoid duplicate Outlook contacts? Is there some sort of hack application that I can run to simply clear out my address book? If I wanted to write such an application using the Office Com Interface where would I start?
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    Sync with you PC then go into Outlook and delete the deplicates in Outlook on your PC and then sync again. This will remove all duplicates on the Treo.
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    SKTools has an tool to remove duplicate Contacts (as well as calendar items). Will literally take a minute to solve.

    Very useful for this kind of thing

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