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    I have my treo set up on my gmail account with the pop3 setting. I noticed lately some of my emails are getting deleted (ending up in the trash) that I don't want to delete. This never happened before. I was able to delete email on my treo and they would still be in my inbox on my gmail account. Is this because of the new imap feature? I'm not exactly sure what the difference is between imap and pop. Can I disable this? I want to leave everything on my gmail exactly as is but would just like to view it on my treo. Hope this makes sense.
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    If you delete things on your phone with POP setup, they will still be on the server until you go to a desktop and delete them there. HOWEVER, if you "empty deleted items" on the Treo, when you sync with the server again, they will be deleted from your inbox. At least that's what happens to me. I just make sure I have cleaned/filed everything from my inbox before I "empty deleted items" from the phone.

    IMAP is different. If you move/delete on the phone, it matches up with the server. A lot of people like this feature, because you can also access your folders and other filed email. I never could get this to work properly with my main Yahoo account (although everyone else in the freaking world did! ) so I still use POP... for now.

    Hope that helps.

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