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    Does anyone know if AE Button Plus, v2.6 will run mortscripts? I am using just the "unregistered" version. If I buy and register it will it run mortscripts then?

    How about can it be set to start voice activation with one, two or three "short" button pushes, not the long hold one. I can't seem to make this happen.

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    From my experiences with AEButton and mortscript, you can use AEButton to run a script but.. You need a shortcut somewhere on the startmenu to the script in order for it to show up as a AEButton program selection option. You may also need to use the program included with mortscript to run your script as an exe file. I am not sure of the original name of the file but you rename to the same name as your script. When you run yourscript.exe it executes yourscript.mscr. I am not sure if the last step is necessary, you may just need the shortcut on the start menu. Hope this helps you a little bit.

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    You can select the Mortscript.exe executable where you select the executable and enter the full path of the script as the parameter.

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