Hello All,

I am a Mac guy and use an iPhone - BUT, I was bitten by the Tilt Bug and just purchased it last week. Great device and I especially like the built in GPS.

I set up outlook in boot camp to use my gmail account - it set it up as POP, which is ok for now, but my question is this: On the tilt send and receive are grayed out unless I am connected to the computer so I can not get or send email on the road. When I first set up the tilt, I used my .Mac address and set it up manually and it did send and receive, but did not use pocket outlook, I had to set up a new email address. Am I doing this right?

PLease help, if I am not clear, sorry!!!! Here is what I want to do - Send and recieve with Pocket Outlook, not an additional email account, Does this make sense?