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    I set it up but now whenever I try to send/receive it, it tries to connect, log on and then brings up and annoying incoming password screen where password is already saved, and a loop starts doing these things again and again. couldnt find anything doing a search.
    I am using with username and following default servers:
    incoming mail:
    Outgoing mail:

    I cant receive or send anything. Please help if you has any solution.
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    i'm not sure why, but suddenly my imap email connection is broken as well. same symptoms. I wonder if it's because they want us to start paying or they changed a server setting... I will email them and try to find out and post any solution I find...
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    IM having the same problem. Any luck getting ahold of yahoo?
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    happened to me a couple of times, all good now, i just clicked "ok" so that it will submit the password. that's all.
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    Tried that a lot. It still isnt working. I have deleted and recreated on my phone like 4 times now as well.
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    same here... deleted it and recreated account, tried to do all I could with internet settings as well. nothing works - all sucks.
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    has anyone found the answer this is annoying are we being blocked and are there any other choices
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    I am having the same problem on my Moto Q with Yahoo...everything was fine for the last 3 IMAP emails pushed to my cell. Now I get that crazy password screen you've described. I tried everything as well including signing up with G mail...same thing.

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    I am having the same issue. Worked just fine up until last week... Now. That darn screen every single time. I have tried other accounts... Same thing. Anyone know if we are being blocked?
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    I had the same problem on my Moto Q..worked fine for 4 months until a few days ago, then I couldn't send/receive any emails in my 2 yahoo accounts and that password screen kept appearing. One of the accounts was a MailPlus account.

    Contacted Yahoo to no avail...was passed around. Went to Google where they have both IMAP and POP options without a $19.99 yearly fee. Loaded in 2 Gmail accounts with IMAP to my phone and POP to Outlook express. Worked great with about 2 hours of sending test emails. Easy to configure as well. Unlike Yahoo, which doesn't even talk about IMAP...I think they want folks to use Yahoo to Go instead.

    Suffice it to say, I cancelled my Yahoo MailPlus and notified my contacts via Gmail.
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    Too bad yahoo Go is cumbersome and slow. I prefer just the regular IMAP. At least Google is looking out for its users.

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