Ok, today (Sunday, Nov 4th) here in the USA, we switched back from Daylight Saving to Standard time.

That said, both my PC (windows XP) and phone (AT&T Tilt running Windows Mobile 6), include the updated software feature which automatically moved the clock back one hour. I checked and confirmed this took place on both my PC & on my phone (AT&T tilt).

For whatever reason beyond me, all my phone's PRIOR to today's (Nov 4th) calendar appt 'times' now appear as having occured one hour earlier. That said, all appt times from today (Nov 4th) FORWARD were not altered, and remain correct on my phone's calendar.

I then went back to my PC (Outlook 2003) to check the calendar appt entry times both prior to Nov 4th and after, and observe that all original appt times retain the original correct appt times.

I performed an active sync between my PC (Outlook 2003) & AT&T tilt, yet even after syncing, on the Tilt, all appt times prior to Nov 4th still appear one hour earlier than they actually occured while Outlook 2003 continues to show them all occurring at the correct time (one hour later).

I'm beginning to suspect the problem may be some sort of Windows Mobile 6 or AT&T tilt phone glitch (bug?) mistakenly moving (prior to Nov 4th) appt times one hour earlier. Has anyone else here experienced anything similar?

Ok, What can I do now to resolve the issue so both my phone's & Outlook 's calendar appts times (prior to November 4th) match again?

Advice, feedback & assistance greatly appreciated.