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    I live in an area with a normally good 3g connection. When I had my blackjack, I would normally get 300-400 kbit/sec.

    On the 750, I only get about 175 kbit/sec. If I turn off 3g, the speed drops to 125 kbit/sec.

    Is there a setting that needs to be altered or something?
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    I think Palm devices in general have slower 3G speed. I have a Centro and it has only 150~200 kbits. I usually get 1000~1100 kbits with Mogul at the same location.
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    really? I need something to measure my bandwidth, but I never noticed it that slow? Is there some kind of a registry edit to speed things up or is it just Palm?
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    Palm devices are slower? I'm getting 692 - 860 with my 750 according to
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    Actually, I just ran the speed test again and got 1085.

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