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    I was curious which has better reception & which is louder, lighter, better etc.

    Does anyone have any experience with either or both? I have a JX10 but with the treo in my pocket & my headset on, it doesnt work well (loads of static).

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    The Jabra is lighter but the Jawbone is great. If worn properly (i.e., against your face) the sound quality if fantastic. Battery life is pretty good and, with the included ear-pieces, it can be worn all day without any fatigue.
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    i've had both and give my vote to the jawbone. in fact, nobody I speak to even knoes that i'm using it.
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    can you put your treo in a jacket pocket (or back pocket) and still use your BT without hearing loads of static?
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    I have used several Jabra Models and then switched to the Jawbone . The sound in so much clearer. People can hear ME and not the environment I am in. I can be in the car with the A/C blowing on me and it can not be heard on the other end. Like a previous message said, it must be worn properly for the noice cancellation to work right.

    JAWBONE is the best so far, in my humble opinion!!!
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    Just throwing it out there: why not consider the Blueant Z9? I reviewed it here and have had great luck with it. My favorite feature, which I'm not sure if the others have, is the force-reconnect so if the Treo drops the BT connection (a common complaint) it'll reconnect within seconds.

    I think the Z9 is the smallest of the 3 and it is certainly loud. The noise-cancellation is also top notch.

    In addition, Merlyn did a nice write up on the JX-10 II here.

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    That blueant sounds interesting. How comfortable is it compared to the JX10?
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    Quote Originally Posted by RichTJ99 View Post
    That blueant sounds interesting. How comfortable is it compared to the JX10?
    Good question and I can't answer

    I'd PM Merlyn as he uses/used both and would be able to better answer. My expereince with the Z9: it's comfortable but you have to find the sweet spot, this is mostly due to the rather large ear piece. But if you can find a good balance, you can where it for hours and not even notice it.

    Other than that, it's mad tiny and works well. Another crucial point which I'm not sure the others share: the Z9 can have firmware updates (it has had 2 since I got mine). These updates improve balance on the mics and noise cancellation as well as general functionality. Personally, I think that's an awesome feature (although re-flashing takes quite a few steps).

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