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    Hi, can anyone point me in the direction of where I can find information about what formulas, calculations etc are supported in the version of Excel on the Treo 750V?

    I have created a basic spreadsheet on my PC (for me to record my Gas and Electricity meter readings each month and calculate my KWH consumption....I know, sad isn't it!) and synchronised it to my Treo. However, whenever I add some content on the version on the Treo and try to save it, I get a message saying I have "unsupported content and formatting...".

    Now, I'm not that good at Excel that I could have done anything that complicated in the first place and I have other files that do basic calculations with no problems. I have obviously put something in this file which is not supported and I'd like to find out what it is so I can either remove it or think of a work around.

    So, can anyone direct me to somewhere where I can read up on what you can and can't do.


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    Try saving it with a different file name on the Treo and then sync it back to the PC. I had to do that with a spreadsheet I wrote to track my work hours. Had something to do with different versions of Excel. (Office 2000 vs. WM5)

    Hope this helps,


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