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    I was curious what program or item opens the start/settings/system/ brightness tab.

    My brightness is always going to the dimmest level no matter how many times I set it.

    Any idea where that is?

    For example, if you want the bluetooth settings, if you search in /windows, you will find bluetooth as a shortcut.

    In the days before mortscript, I would say "Start Bluetooth" & the BT app would open.

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    the blackedout option key and the letter P together in that order.
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    that's great. Do you know where the file that launches that app is? I want to write a mortscipt to make it full bright.
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    I'm having the same problem. I carry the phone in my pocket and I guess I'm hitting that key combination to dim the screen.

    What's the shortcut to BRIGHTEN the screen?
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    I use SPB Pocket plus. It has a brightness switch on the today screen plug-in.
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    If someone can find out what application or DLL opens the brightness window, I can write a small mortscript that will work via voicecommand (or click) to make the screen fully bright.

    I just cant figure which one it is.

    On a side note, I guess a mouseclick script could be written as well (click start, settings, system, brightness, bright tab, then OK).

    Start Brightness
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    reg entry perhaps even easier..would have to go look...hmm..
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