I decided to do a hard reset after numerous problems with the time function after my Palm inexplicably changed to standard time last Sunday (I already downloaded the fix when I got the treo). I redownloaded the fix, it told me it was already installed & do I want to reinstall. I said yes. Well all of my appointments ended up being screwed up by 2 hours. I decided to just do a hard reset, move everything in Outlook then reinstall on my Treo. Issue is.... I did the Hard Reset - held down the off key & pulled the battery. I put the battery back in & the Palm is as dead as a doornail! I tried plugging it in to see maybe if the battery completely discharged in the process (although it was full) and it has now been plugged in for 2 hours an NOTHING. No charging light, no life at all in the unit. I have now put the original battery back in the unit (I bought the Seidio extended one) and still nothing. Help! I am getting really frustrated with this unit! I have had Palm OS Treos for several years now and always loved them. I decided to upgrade so I could sync my work email and this has been a PITA!