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    Hi, was just wondering if there is anything I should know right off the bat about this phone? I am completely new to the Treo, and was wondering if there any of you have helpful hints/tips.

    Also wondering the best way to go about cusomizing the screen and everything. Thanks!
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    Oh, and by the way, the service provider that we are using at the moment is a local (Hawaii-only) based provider. Im not sure what you would call it, but if there is anything i should know regarding this as well, please let me know.

    You can check out their site at

    Not sure if that makes much of a difference with my Treo....
    I have a feeling this is going to be confusing....
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    If this is your first PDA Phone be prepared to be a little shocked. Most folks think it's gonna be like any other cell phone but with extra capabilities. Well, that's sorta true, but... it's more like any other computer but with a cell phone application loaded on it. IOW, sometimes it will seem like a purpose built cell phone will do cell phone jobs better than the PDA unit. After experiencing the learning curve, most folks feel like they could never do without a PDA Phone again. Even though there are some minor trade-offs.

    After you get the phone, just ask your questions here. And read the FAQs.

    I really like my 700wx and I would not trade-even for any other phone on the market right now.

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    Hot Dang...tickle my bon-bons !!!

    Unlimited everything for $60, that's not bad, I tell you what!!

    Anyway, back on topic, the Treo 700Wx is my most satisfactory Treo to date and one of my favourite WinMobile devices (though it could be better).

    If you've ever used a Windows computer, it wouldn't be too hard to get up to speed.
    Play with it, fondle it (hmmm) and you'll be fine.

    Always come here to T.C for more group-love !!
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    I really like the 700wx and paired with a SERO plan, it's the best deal out there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TazExprez View Post
    I really like the 700wx and paired with a SERO plan, it's the best deal out there.
    Agreed... I just wish I could get PAM / DUN working again...
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