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    I will be traveling to Europe in the near future and expect to be there for a somewhat extended period of time. I want to unlock my AT&T 750 before I leave rather than waiting until I arrive and then find out it will not accept a foriegn sim card. However, I do not have access to a T-Mobile sim card to initiate the unlock dialog. Is it possible to unlock the phone without first having a foreign sim card? I would rather know exactly what I need to do before I call AT&T for the unlock code.
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    You can't start the dialog without the foreign SIM. But you don't need to know this before calling AT&T. Just remember to hold down the option key while punching in the unlock digits.

    Don't you have a friend on T-Mobile who will lend you their SIM for a few minutes?
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    Thanks for the fast response.

    I do not know anyone with T-Moblie, only Sprint and Verizon.

    I understand I do not need this information when I call AT&T but I want to avoid getting an unlock code and then not being able to use for some indeterminate period of time.

    Thanks again.
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    Any foreign SIM will initiate the unlock. You don't need a T-Mobile card.
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    Yeah - I used an AT&T card from my Treo 650 (AT&T Wireless, that is, the former "Cingular Blue".)

    However, in the US there aren't many choices of GSM carriers, T-Mobile is really the only other national choice. The other major carriers are CDMA and don't use SIMs.

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