hello all!

I am having a hard time installing the GAPI driver on my treo 700w. I am using the right one. I am using the ARM version which is for the pocket pc. The instructions tell me to copy it to my windows directory. there are 2 files on the ARM version of the file. one is gx.dll file and one is gx.lib....whenever I try to copy over the gx.dll file into my windows folder, (through my sd card) it says access id denied. "Make sure the dis is not full or write-protected and the file is not currently in use." the card and the windows directory is not full or write protected, or its not in use or I may be wrong on being in use....My question to you all is.... how do I copy gx.dll and gx.lib files onto my windows directory of my treo 700w. ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED